Editor’s Corner: I’ve got a crush on myself

I love me some me. And I think the world would be better off if everyone else adopted the same attitude.

Before I start explaining myself, I’ll be the first to admit engaging in a little bit of journalistic trickery. That first paragraph was designed to suck you in and force you to pay attention to what I (surprise!) am about to write.

But I did that because I think what I have to say is important—that college students (especially of the community college variety) would be better served if they invested more of their time in themselves.

To clarify, sitting on the couch watching “Mob Wives” marathons does not qualify as time invested in oneself.

I only wish I could’ve been a little more self-centered six years ago.

In fall 2006, I enrolled as a freshman at Citrus College. By spring 2007, I was on academic probation, sporting a slightly below average 1.6 GPA.

My study habits were so poor, I recall once just walking out of my English 101 class, just so I could hang out with my new community college buddies.

And that was the problem. I wasn’t selfish enough.

I was more concerned with trying to please everyone around me. These days, high school and college students alike are portrayed as only caring about themselves.

If only that was the case.

If we cared more about ourselves, more than 22 percent of us would graduate from community colleges. If we were a little more self centered, more than 12 percent of us would be transferring to four-year institutions.

I don’t have much of a social life to speak of these days, as most of those aforementioned friends have moved on. I work six days a week getting this paper out.

But what I do have is a 3.76 GPA, because now I’m focused on me.

Don’t wait until you buy my first book for me to tell you this Listen now.

Get selfish.