Capturing the moment

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For those who have yet to visit the Hayden Memorial Library Gallery this winter, you’re almost out of time to check out this year’s photography installment, “A Moment In Time.”

The exhibit certainly does not disappoint, as dozens of Citrus College students display their digital photography skills behind the lens and in the editing room.

With the objective of capturing one (or more) of life’s random moments, the photo enthusiasts did just that, offering viewers windows to far away lands, new perspectives to places right around the corner, capturing history, as well as telling new stories.

Allow yourself to be transported to an evening stroll through Amsterdam, find yourself driving along a winding road through a beautiful desert landscape, or simply stop in for a pint at a stone front Irish pub.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for the great headshots of models photographed by Photo Club members in collaboration with the Citrus College Cosmetology Department.

If, while there, you feel so inclined as to purchase a piece or two, they are for sale.  Prices vary, and information on how to purchase is available inside the gallery.  Part of the proceeds will benefit the Citrus College Photography Department as well as the artist themselves.

It’s still not too late to check out the exhibit before it ends, but time is running out.

Scheduled to conclude on February 28, there’s still about a week left to stroll in and allow your eyes to guide your mind through a visual exploration.