Campus Safety Incident Reports Jan-Feb 2013

Editor’s note: One of the reports in the print edition incorrectly referred to two individuals as students. That change has been reflected here.


On Jan. 3, two individuals were standing south of the PD build- ing with the smell of marijuana coming from their direction. When the students saw the Campus Safety Assistant looking at them they ran into the ES building.

The assistant contacted Interim Campus Safety Supervisor Ben Macias and described one of the individuals. Macias went into the building, saw the student sitting at a desk and asked him to step outside. The student smelled like marijuana and had bloodshot eyes. After talking with Macias, the individual admitted that he had been smoking “a joint,” but denied using a pipe or possessing any marijuana on his person, stating, “You can check me if you want.”

The individual turned his pockets inside out, revealing four lighters, a pipe and a container with marijuana in it. The Glendora Police were contacted. They also found several unknown white pills that the individual claimed were for “lower back pain.”

*   *   *   *   *

On Jan. 23 a student called Campus Safety saying that she want- ed to “report a creepy guy.” She said that she had been walking on Alosta Ave when a man approached her in a white, four door sedan with tinted windows and front end damage to the passenger side. The man asked her for directions to Citrus College.

The student gave him directions, but the man then asked her to get in his vehicle so that she could show him where it was. She refused. She then looked down and saw his left hand “playing with his penis.” She screamed and ran away.

The man was last seen driving on Alosta towards Glendora. He was described as a light-skinned Hispanic male, approximately 25- 30 years old, heavy set with medium-length curly brown hair, a beard and a mustache. The Azusa Police Department was con- tacted. Citrus officials were informed and a warning was sent to the campus community and APU Campus Safety via email.

*   *   *   *   *

On Feb. 1, Campus Safety received a call about individuals who were possibly smoking marijuana on campus. The witness said that two were possibly smoking in a car, while the third left the car and began to argue with someone on the phone.

After being approached by Campus Safety, the three individuals said that they were not current students and were smoking ciga- rettes while waiting for a student to finish basketball practice. Glen- dora Police Department was contacted.

They searched the vehicle and found two small containers with a green, leafy substance inside, two small empty containers, one clear glass pipe, one clear container, a small safe box with lottery tickets inside, an empty vodka bottle, empty bottles of beer, a plas- tic bag with a blue substance inside and a plastic bag with a clear substance inside. Two of the suspects were arrested and detained for outstanding warrants.

*   *   *   *   *

On Feb. 6, a student called from the Campus Center to file a harassment report. The student said that while working in the Campus Center as a host, a woman came in and threatened him. The woman said that she knew where the student’s ex-wife lived and threatened to do bodily harm to her if she ever saw her.

The woman then said “I will do whatever the [expletive] I want to do,” then said she was going to damage the student’s vehicle. The student followed her to the S8 parking lot and saw her kicking his vehicle, leaving a few shoe prints, but no damage. The student was advised to report it.

He said that the woman was his ex-girlfriend who was upset because he had ended their relationship in December. Since the separation, the woman had been harassing, including hitting, him. The student said that he did not want to file charges.