Citrus Owls vs LA College Monarchs

For the Owls baseball team, their third matchup against the L.A. Valley Monarchs ended in yet another loss, dropping the team record to 10-13 overall and 4-10 in the Western State Conference South play.


While the Owls tried their best to end their six-game losing streak, they fell 5-2 to the Monarchs on March 21.


“The last few innings of every game we’ve not been able to pull off,” said team captain, sophomore Mike Rowland. “We’ve lost the last games all in the last inning or two.”


Within the first inning the L.A. Valley Monarchs had already scored two runs.


During the second inning, Owls outfielder Matthew Reynoso singled up the middle allowing infielder Jonathan Reynoso to advance to third base. The first run was scored by infielder Warren Fishback.


No runs were made again until the seventh inning. The L.A. Monarchs kept the scoring another two runs, upping the lead 4-1. Not to be forgotten, the Owls also scored a run at the bottom of the seventh after Jonathon Reynoso flied out to center field, leading to a run by utility player Jayson De La Pena.


The seventh inning not only gave way to more runs, but to controversy. Monarchs’ player Joshua Kennedy was left in pain after taking a fastball to the elbow from Owls pitcher, Matt Fitzgerald. Umpire Josh Hatwan claimed that Kennedy had deliberately put his elbow out. After the injury, Harry Bennet took to first base for Kennedy.


“The umpire missed that call,” said opposing coach, Traviss Hodge, of the L.A. Monarchs. “That’s why I never throw them the ball, I just hand it to them since they slack on it.”


Unable to make any more runs, the Owls filed out 2-1 during the 8th inning and had no luck in the 9th.


At the bottom of the 9th Jayson De La Pena hit into double play second base to shortstop to first base. Warren Fishback was out on the play. The game ended after infielder, Michael Bradley popped up to second base.


“We just try top play every game the same,” said Austin Rodriguez, 2nd baseman for the L.A. Monarchs. “Go as hard as you can and hope that at the end of the day you get a win.” he said.


The game ended with a score of 5-2. Although this marked the 6th loss in a row for the Citrus Owls, it was not for a lack of effort.


In the 4th matchup the Owls were able to pull through and win 9-3 against the L.A. Valley Monarchs.



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