Flappy Jack’s; it’s not always about pancakes

The turkey sandwich at Flappy Jack’s makes for a perfect brunch.

The turkey sandwich at Flappy Jack’s makes for a perfect brunch.

As a college student, I’m aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to find time to eat a good meal at an affordable price. There’s such a limited amount of time between classes that sometimes your only option is to settle with unsettling fast food. However, located less than a mile from campus is a different option: Flappy Jacks.


When you enter Flappy Jacks, you feel as if you’ve been sent back in time. The walls and tables are decked out in old-fashion, Route 66 themed décor which is quite appropriate given Flappy Jacks’ location at 640 W. Route 66 in Glendora.


The atmosphere is friendly and inviting. The majority of the tables and booths are always filled with satisfied families and friends as they enjoy their Flappy Jacks experience.  Excited laughter and happy chatter reverberate off of the walls, which only add to the pleasant ambiance.


As soon as you sit down, your server– who is eager to supply you with refreshments–greets you.


With more than 220 options on the menu, it might take you a while to decide what you want to order. Don’t worry though, through all of the internal debate, your waiter will be there to answer questions and even offer some of their own input.


Once you place your order, it is cooked fresh and served quickly to you. Even if you only have a small amount of time available, Flappy Jacks’ speedy service will have you fed and sent on your way in no time, whether you’re returning to school afterwards or traveling elsewhere.


Instead of ordering the traditional fluffy, golden brown pancakes, I indulged myself with their classic turkey sandwich stacked with fresh sliced turkey, lettuce, tomatoes and other condiments layered together on a French roll. Served with a side of pasta and a cup of fruit, it made for the perfect late-morning brunch.


Any time you order off of the breakfast menu–whether it is a delicious egg omelet, scrumptious breakfast burrito or anything in between–you then have the option of ordering either a side of pancakes or a side of toast with your meal.


Once you’ve finished your meal, you carry your own check to the cashier in front. Located behind the cash register is a display of Flappy Jacks branded coffee and other souvenirs that are available for purchase. If you desire to take a memento home with you, they’re at your fingertips.


With such delectable food that most college kids can afford, it’s a blessing that Flappy Jacks is located less than a mile away from Citrus College. Their hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.