Students with low academics will be dismissed

Every semester, hundreds of students are placed on         academic probation or dismissed from Citrus College for having a less than a 2.0 GPA.


In fall 2012, the number of students on probation was 1233 according to Admissions and Records.


A student is placed on probation after taking 12 units and receiving below a 2.0 GPA.


A letter and email is sent notifying the student of the situation. The two types of probation fall into two categories: academic and progress probation.


Progress probation occurs when a student completes fewer than 50 percent of units attempted.


Counselor Raul Sanchez advises students to check their student email regularly.


“A lot of times students aren’t even aware that they are on probation, or on the verge of dismissal,” Sanchez said.


Once the student is put on probation, they are required to go online and complete a probation workshop, courtesy of Citrus College.


Dean of counseling, Lucinda Over, says students have the opportunity to improve their grades.


“If you look at the student services, The Writing Cafe, tutoring, and counseling can help students to reach their educational goal,” Over said.


A student who is on academic probation will be subject to dismissal if the student has a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 in all units attempted in each of two consecutive semesters.


According to campus Administrative Policy 425, “The notification advising the student that he/she is subject to dismissal will cover, at a minimum, reference to this procedure, explanation of what dismissal means, procedure for reinstatement, and procedure to appeal the dismissal.”


The deans of counseling and admissions then review the petition, and a Student Education Plan is prepared to ensure success.


This academic year, 530 students are in danger of receiving a dismissal notice if things don’t change.


Financial aid recipients must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. The SAP guidelines are stricter than academic and progress probation.


It’s not too late in the semester to turn things around and take advantage of the resources Citrus College offers.