Fresh & Easy

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is best known for their non-traditional adaptation of the self-checkout system, great coupons and daily specials. On that note, when it comes to daily specials, Fresh & Easy “marks down” all prices of food items that are expiring that day. Markdown items often include dairy products, snacks and deli items, bread, produce, meat, and ‘to go’ meals.


How much do they bring down the price you ask? In the morning, all produce is marked down at 65 percent, while bread and baked goods are marked down 40 percent off of the original price. Around the afternoon, meat, ‘to go’ meals, and deli items are marked down 35 percent. By the evening time, all remaining markdowns undergo a final reduction increase to 65 percent off. The markdown section is usually located at the end of aisle 3 at every Fresh & Easy near the soft drinks and dairy section. All remaining food left unsold at closing time is then donated to local food banks. Rather than throw away any of their expiring products, Fresh & Easy chooses to provide costumers with same-day deals and all around savings.


For college students, this markdown price can help our shrinking wallets and growling stomachs anytime of the day. The markdown procedure at Fresh & Easy has been around for about 4 1/2 years, which is only a few months after stores were first introduced into the states.


Although Fresh & Easy is currently under fiscal review, stated Fresh & Easy’s parent company, the British-based Tesco, has announced it will exit from the United States, but that doesn’t mean the stores are closing.


If this is true, the mark downs will still continue too and in turn, help students and patrons save money.


Remember, every penny counts!


The nearest Fresh & Easy is located at the intersection of Citrus Ave and Alosta neighboring CVS and The 99 Cent Store.