Cosmetology students give a helping hand to Rosemead High

(Left to RIGHT) Lauren Crone, Alice Yang and professor Tara Douglas create the finishing touches for prom. (Ricky Lin, Photography Department)

(Left to RIGHT) Lauren Crone, Alice Yang and professor Tara Douglas create the finishing touches for prom. (Ricky Lin, Photography Department)

The Citrus College cosmetology program and Rosemead High School teamed up for an Italian-themed “Mi Amore” prom for Rosemead students with disabilities and disadvantages at the Ebell Club in Los Angeles on April 27.


Michelle Ban, adviser for Rosemead High, helped organize this event along with instructor Tara Douglas, despite the fact that it hasn’t happened in years.


“They did it a long time ago, they just never did it again. I don’t know if it was because of low interest or too much of a hassle but for whatever reason it has come back around,” Ban said.


More than 30 cosmetology students were involved this event along with instructors and teacher aides. The count of Rosemead students who attended the “Mi Amore” prom was more than 100, not including their dates.


Citrus students used different techniques in hairstyling, make-up and nails to fit the outfits the Rosemead students had chosen.


“For a lot of those students it will be their first time getting their hair and make-up done,” Ban said.


Justine Caro, 22, cosmetology major, felt honored of the experience to do the hair and make-up for students. “For us to help out other students is a privilege because I know this wasn’t offered at my school. We are able to help out the students who don’t have the funds to feel pretty and to enjoy themselves.”


Douglas said, “This is my passion: to help my community and organize these events for three years. We have planned this since February and we do more events like ‘Unity’ in August, which is a big event at the Santa Anita Racetrack where we do back-to-school for underprivileged kids.”


Rosemead student Mikayla Aguliar said, “Not a lot of schools offer these kind of events where cosmetology students do our make-up and hair for free. Rosemead has made this event affordable so everyone can come to get their hair and make-up done.”


The event at the Ebell Club in downtown Los Angeles offered a top-of- the-line seated course dinner thanks to fundraising by the class of 2013-14.


It was difficult for the Rosemead students to help raise the money. They were selling chocolate bars around Rosemead and hosting car washes with a goal to raise $1,000 a month for this event to happen.


This three-year process offered raffle opportunities to make prom dresses, hair and make-up, corsages and photography affordable for the Rosemead students attending this event.


Ban’s final note, “We are promising this will be the best night of your lives.”