The budget method

Going to college, working and still trying to maintain a “life” is a struggle.


Working 20-30 hours a week on minimum wage doesn’t quite fit the lifestyle we aspire live.


When trying to manage money in between pay periods a common question appears, “what have I spent my money on?”


If your answer continues to be nothing but fast food and Starbucks, it is time to stop and come up with a game plan.


Saving while spending is not as complicated as it might seem if you follow this plan.

This is what you do, with your two paychecks of the month: save one check and spend the other.


For example, with your first paycheck of the month you save it, spending it only on things such as bills and gas and other major necessities.


Try saving a little money by bringing food and water from home, or instead of heading out for movies and a dinner, stay in with snacks from the Dollar Tree and a movie from Red Box or Netflix.


Here is where it gets’s fun: your second paycheck belongs to you.


If you want to go shopping or treat yourself to some Olive Garden or Chipotle you can do that.


This budget method allows you get to have your cake and eat it too.


By managing your first paycheck, by the time you get your second paycheck you will already have savings in the bank.


Which gives you a little cushion room to go crazy with your second paycheck.