Roll on down for affordable sushi

We were trying to kill time before our classes and our stomachs wanted something different. That’s when we saw Rolling Rice on the corner of Alosta and Citrus Avenues.

When we walked in, it was a nice quiet place and people were enjoying their meals. We witnessed the sign stating “Under New Management” and figured we should give it a try.

The line had about five or six customers ahead of us and the wait was about ten minutes. A quick glance at the menu revealed the reasonable prices. A California roll is $3.59, a crunch roll is $4.79, and a vegetable roll is $4.59 just to name a few.

The menu also includes combo plates costing at most $8.99 (sushi combo), bowls cost no more than $4.89 for (steak bowl), and a variety of sushi combinations.

I decided to purchase the California roll plate and my friend got the spicy tuna roll, which both came with a side of vegetables. Our bill was under $15, which is quite affordable for sushi.

When the server brought our food, we were surprised by the amount of preparation put into the plates. Each plate was delicately arranged and looked much more expensive than the $15 price tag. Now all that was left to do was taste the food.

A California roll is made with imitation crab, cucumber and avocado, which excites your taste buds. The roll has a soft texture when you bite down and the flavor from the three ingredients, plus some wasabi and soy sauce make the California roll a tasty dish.

The spicy tuna is a hand-rolled sushi roll with rice, seaweed, tuna and a dab of mayonnaise. It has a crunchy bite with a spicy taste which together ends with the softness of the rice and tuna all mixed together.

The rice and sushi were just splendid. I’m a huge fan of white rice and the rice there was spectacular. The sushi was of great quality too, and the steamed vegetables added to the already impressive meal.

After our meal, we were satisfied customers.

If you are near Citrus College and enjoy seafood this is a fast, delicious and inexpensive meal to grab after class with friends. Rolling Rice will be a regular stop as we head to school, it should be yours as well.