Professors and students must work together to reach academic goals

MBRProfessors can truly make or break a subject simply on their lack of interest in the both the subject and the students.


College professors often seem less involved with their students than high school teachers.


Some professors seem to show up to class with no intentions of developing a relationship with their students like they did in high school.


When a professor just takes attendance and then begins a two-hour lecture presented with powerpoints, he or she may not be aware that this type of disengagement  causes dismay.


This lack of courage towards our success in the class leads to lack of participation, frequent absences and ultimately, a poor grades.



Every student should have a academic goal and focused plan for reaching i.


However, it is very difficult to devote our undivided attention during a two-hour lecture with nothing but note-taking, therefore the effort we put toward that class decreases.


Perhaps if college professors spiced it up a bit by getting more engaged with their students, the educational outcomes might improve.


Professors could require field trips or suggest extra credit work that allows the student to get out the classroom and explore the subject in a new light.


We understand that, there are too many of us per class for professors to be able to engage one-on-one with every individual, but sending us to the Tutoring Center doesn’t solve this disconnect.


Instead of professors showing a powerpoint for the whole lecture, try adding a couple of 10 minute activities during class, those would be helpful.


Groups work allows students to engage with one another and gives the professor the opportunity to interact with groups rather than one student at a time.


In groups we are able to meet our classmates, share insights about the lesson and create study buddies.



Some college professors tactics to teaching is their rush to get through the lessons and lack of interest in the lesson they’re teaching.


Too often do college professors assign you a book and have that be our only source of learning the subject.


Some students struggle when their only learning tool is the book, especially in core subjects like Science, English and Math.


Some students learn better when they’re “hands on.”


By doing projects, that require imagination and creativity.


Such as presentations that have to be created on a poster board, built or drawn.


Assign individual projects as well as group projects, allow us to create a creative way to discuss and explain the chapter in our own unique way.


Why should we be interested and involved in a subject when our own professor doesn’t seem to care?


Those professors who are truly interested in what they teach, show it, they make the subject fun, they get their students interested and involved in learning.


Setting a good example, those professors who are organized can rightly require the same from their students


We all have our own individual responsibilities when it comes to our success in school but if the students stay focused and on the right path and college professors improved their teaching habits, we will have a much higher success rate.