Low voter turnout affects local elections

Citizens living within Area 1 of the Citrus Community College District will be deciding their representative to fill the governing member seat for the board of trustees this Nov. 5.

Those residing in Azusa and parts of Duarte have five candidates to choose from for this highly contested seat which makes decisions for Citrus College, but time is running out to have a say in who holds the seat for the next four years.

The candidates for the voters to choose from are:

  • Barbara Ransom Dickerson
  • Cristina Cruz Madrid
  • Shawn Millner
  • Lorenzo Rios
  • Gary L. Wood

The seat has been the focus of controversy this year as evidence has been provided that the incumbent Gary Woods does not actually reside within his constituency area, resulting with the website www.firegarywoods.com up and the California attorney general’s office being asked to investigate further.

It comes as no surprise that four other candidates have sprung up to try to replace the seat that’s been filled by Woods for the past 32 years, but they will have their work cut out for them due to a history low voter turnout in Azusa.

Earlier this year, Azusans were called to vote on a new mayor, treasurer, city council members and clerk with only 8.11 percent of the voting-age population showing up to cast their ballots.

With only one measure being on the ballot this November, candidates and their supporters will need to generate buzz to first get people registered to vote and then to the polls.

Oct. 21 is the cut-off date for voter registration, where they will be sent a sample ballot in the mail with all of the information that will be available on voting day.

To check registration status, update voter information or register, citizens should go to www.LAVote.net.

Paper registration forms can also be picked up at local election offices, libraries, Department of Motor Vehicles offices or U. S. post offices.

Issue 5 of the Clarion will have a comprehensive introduction for each of the candidates in order to inform potential voters prior to their trip to the ballot box.