Getting to know your Fighting Owls

SPORTSQA_2cWe asked this football player to take a break from making bone-crushing tackles on the field to come visit us in TC 123 so we can ask him some hard-hitting stuff off the field.

Maurice Dupleasis is the middle linebacker for your Fighting Owls and leads the team in tackles, but his aggressive demeanor and vision on the field won’t save him from our questions.

Let’s get it started:

Dillon Cooper: What is your favorite pregame meal?

Maurice Dupleasis: Any kind of pasta.

DC: What song do you always listen to before a game?

MD: “Sail” by Awolnation.

DC: Who is your favorite athlete?

MD: Ray Lewis.

DC: What are your immediate plans after Citrus College?

MD: Go to a four-year and play ball as long as I can.

DC: If you could play any other sport, what would it be?

MD: Baseball.

DC: How would you describe coach Ponciano?

MD: Motivating, in his own way.

DC: What was your favorite childhood activity?

MD: Playing football.

DC: Favorite hobby?

MD: Fishing.

DC: What is your favorite video game?

MD: “Grant Theft Auto V.”

DC:  Battle of the sandwiches: PB&J or cold cuts?


DC: What is your favorite TV show?

MD: “Ridiculousness.”

DC: What do you want to get out of playing football here at Citrus?

MD: I want to get a better look at college football.

DC:  If you could have dinner with three people, alive or dead, who would they be?

MD: My linebacker coach at West Covina High School, my uncle, Dale Sanderlin and my grandpa, Calvin Dupleasis.

DC: If you could play any position, what would it be?

MD: Safety.

DC: What are your career goals?

MD: Work with my dad doing lighting.

DC: If you had an opportunity to play in the NFL, would you drop everything?

MD: Yes.

DC:  What is the best moment of your football career?

MD: Winning the CIF championship with my high school team.

DC: Dream college?

MD: University of Colorado.

DC: Who is your all-time favorite artist?

MD: Lil Wayne.

DC: Who is your favorite actor?

MD: Adam Sandler.

DC: What musical artist is your guilty pleasure?

MD: Miley Cyrus.