Meet the candidates: Cristina Madrid

MADRIDFormer mayor of Azusa Cristina Madrid has her eyes on the Area 1 seat of the Citrus Community College District of the Board of Trustees.

Madrid and her family have been involved with Citrus College for decades.

“My family members have come here: my son, my niece, my nephew, my father, myself, my mother,” Madrid said. “I’ve gone to the Haugh Performing Arts Center. I’ve taken classes here . . . and I participated in the community education program.”

Madrid said that she had a close relationship with the city of Azusa and Citrus College during her eight years as mayor.

“The city of Azusa had a really high voter turnout and approval rate compared to some of the cities within the district,” Madrid said. “I attribute that to the active campaigning that I did on behalf of Measure G.”

Measure G was a 2004 local bond measure responsible for funding the construction of new buildings at Citrus College.

If elected, Madrid stated that she will use her position to help improve student parking, ease the difficulties of class registration and  reduce factors responsible for the high cost of education, such as expensive textbooks.

Madrid believes that she stands out from the other candidates.

“I understand that the world has shrunk,” Madrid said. “I can help [students] prepare for being a part of that global community.”

Madrid cited her personal understanding of students as a reason for them to vote for her. She elaborated on her childhood, saying that her grandparents didn’t speak English and that she often questioned whether she was a Mexican or American.

“I’m just like them,” Madrid said. “I went to school. I worked. I struggled. I got through things. I’m a good example of what you can do when you make an effort.”

Madrid has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California Riverside and a juris doctor from the Glendale University College of Law. She currently works part-time as an attorney.