“Fiddler” debuts at the HPAC

Citrus students, delighted the Haugh Performing Arts Center audience with their reproduction of the classic musical; “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Guest director, Greg Hinrichsen, musical director, Douglas Austin and choreographer John Vaughan, working together, brought back a love story intertwining with Jewish traditions and revolutionizing Russian history.

The Citrus singers fully executed a breathtaking, three hour performance, making this a musical to remember. The performance presented 16 musical numbers, with short intermissions between act one and two.

The story is set in a Russian village. Special guest stars Randy Hilton, the milkman Tevye Lisa Dyson and his wife Goulde, struggle to raise their five daughters according to the Jewish tradition. Playing the three eldest daughters were Kylie Molnar as Tzeitel; Alexandra Almendarez as Hodel, and Kalin booker as Bielke.  Quincey Hinton, the fiddler, along with a full cast of the Citrus performers reenact the times of prearranged marriage.

At the start of the show, Tevye sits alone as he sings to himself the first musical act, “If I were a rich man.”

Captivating the audience’s attention, reoccurring scenes during the show, the actors on stage stand still in time, as the spotlight focuses on Tevy while he expresses his feelings in his personal conversations with God.

Disappointing the wealthy butcher Lazar Wolf, played by Garrison Holder, Tevye is upset when he has to break the deal marrying Tzeitel and share with the town that she already made a vow to marry Motel the Tailor, played by Brandon Jenkins. Hodel falls in love with the student Perchik, played by Joshua Tangermann, she too upsets her father Tevye, by also going against tradition.  Tevye is also upset as he finds out Bielke, chooses to marry Fyedka, a Russian, who share different religious backround.

Going against tradition devastates the town of Anatevka. By order of the mayor, the family is ordered to leave their home and there is no going back.