Applications for grants, scholarships are available

Free money.

Those two words should garner the attention of every college student.

Yet year after year, many scholarships and grants are left on the table. This is unclaimed money that can help offset the rising costs of college.

Citrus College has many scholarships available to help students pay for fees, books, materials and registration costs.

Part of the problem may be that students are unaware scholarships are available, some of which are not based on grades.

Most students know about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but many overlook additional resources available to help pay for school.

Unlike FAFSA, some scholarships are not based strictly on financial need. Many are merit based, meaning they are awarded according to academic achievement or other factors such as being a single parent, studying a particular discipline, athletic participation or involvement in on-campus activities.

The Mary E. LaFetra Memorial Scholarship is awarded to continuing Citrus College students who are single parents enrolled in nine units or more, with a 2.0 GPA or better.

The Margaret Hayden Rector and Robert Wayman Rector Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a female student interested in theatre/playwriting or ancillary of theatre.

More than a dozen scholarships are listed by the Citrus College Foundation for students transferring to four-year universities during the upcoming school year.

These scholarships can be found on the Citrus College Foundation website as well.

The Maxine King Scholarship is based on financial need and is just one of many scholarships awarded to transfer students.

The Citrus College Foundation awarded more than 80 scholarships to 180 students last year, totaling $112,000, according to Paula Green, Citrus College director of communications.

The Citrus College Foundation offers 58 scholarships ranging from $250 to $2,500. Scholarship details and application criteria can be found on the Citrus College website.

Scholarship applications are available online today, and the yet-to-be-determined deadline to apply for scholarships is generally around the end of March.

Another form of scholarships available are external scholarships, offered by an outside agency, which are also listed on the college’s website.

Many external scholarships have various application deadlines, so students should begin applying for these external scholarships as soon as possible.

The application process is simple and, with a little preparation, takes minimal time to complete.  Students should research the scholarships they plan to apply for and gather all of the required information to complete the application.

Many students eliminate themselves from scholarship contention because they are unsure they will meet the required criteria. Students should not let this stop them from applying as the application is free and requires minimal time and effort to complete.

With nothing to lose, students should not let self-doubt stop them from applying for scholarships.

Students may familiarize themselves with the Citrus College website for more information on scholarships. They may also contact Financial Aid at (626) 914-8592 or Advancement/Foundation at (626) 914-8825.



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