Constitutional changes being voted in March

The Associated Students of Citrus College will be looking to alter their Constitution in a special election held in March 2014

A change on the ballot will be to increase the required GPA to join ASCC from 2.3 to a 2.5 GPA.

“Why are [ASCC] students creating and participating in events if they can’t maintain their academic responsibilities?” Alejandra Morales, vice president of ASCC said.

The second change will be the addition of commissioner of the Inter-Club Council position to the ASCC executive board, who will be voted in by the students.

This proposed change has been met with opposition, especially from current legislative liaison of ASCC, Gabriel Nadales.

“If the President or Vice-President have a personal disagreement with the legislative liaison, they have the power to go against the students will and not allow their voice be heard,” Nadales said. The final proposed change to the Constitution will be the lowering of the required amount of credits to join ASCC from seven to six.

“Lowering the credit requirement allows for a wider range of potential board members and a diversity of views which can only strengthen ASCC,” Daniel Celebertti, commissioner at large of ASCC.

The election will take place at the Campus Center Mall March 5-6.  If the proposed changes are passed, they will go into effect starting Fall 2014.