Welcome to your paper: A letter from the Editor-in-Chief



My name is Evan Solano, I am honored to serve you once again as Editor-in-Chief.

This letter is meant to give you guys a quick insight into what I foresee this coming semester.

My main goal is to continue our mission from fall semester: to expand our readership around campus and the community while keeping the student body of Citrus College engaged and entertained.

Running a newspaper is no easy task, as anyone  on our staff can tell you.

A lot of work goes into prepping and researching, so I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to pick up the first issue of the Clarion.

I would like to make sure that we consistently bring you stories that you, the student body, would like to read. Unfortunately, because we are understaffed, we cannot always seek out stories for upcoming issues.

This is where I am calling you guys to help us out!

We are a student newspaper, and in order for us to keep up with student activities and interests, we need to hear back from you, the students!

If there is an upcoming event that involves you, please let us know! If you play in a band- we want to cover your music.

If you’re club is looking to get new members and you need some coverage, please reach out, we are here to write about you and help promote your interests as well.

One criticism I kept hearing from students I spoke with about our paper is that our stories were “boring” or “lacked  interest”,  and that is something I would like to change this semester.

First and foremost we are a newspaper, like The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, our purpose is to first inform, then to entertain.

Nothing would make me happier than to see students picking up the Clarion every two weeks and keeping engaged  with what’s going on.

I believe when we have an active readership that enjoys reading our stories, it makes the staff and I want to work that much harder.

Although these COMM classes are a requirement for some students who are transferring, those of us who are on staff, desktop publishing, editorial board and freelance are here because we have a passion for writing, newsgathering and design.

We are in this class because we want to work within the media – whether it is in sports, music, entertainment or news journalism, we want to inform and entertain and we realize it begins within the immediate community of Citrus College as well as you the students.

If you guys have any interesting stories you would like to share, I encourage you to please let us know!

This is YOUR newspaper, we are here to serve you and we hope to hear from you this semester.


Thank you,

Evan Solano

Editor-in-Chief, Spring 2014



Evan Solano is the current Managing Editor of the Citrus College Clarion for Fall 2015. This is his fourth semester on the Clarion, having also served as Managing Editor in Fall 2014. He is a journalism major who hopes to transfer to Cal State Fullerton. He has been a member of the Clarion since Fall 2013, and does freelance writing, photography and graphic design.