Azusa residents to stay inside during police search

The Azusa Police Department reported an incident in the 800 block of Pepper Tree Drive on Sunday.

According to a tweet posted by the Azusa PD, a search for a subject was underway. Residents of the Sierra Palm Condo complex were asked to remain inside and lock their doors.

Tweet from the Azusa Police Department. (

Tweet from the Azusa Police Department. (

Residents have been instructed to stay out of the Palm Drive and Foothill Blvd. area.

Those who live on the south side of Silver Maple are not allowed to return home at this time.

The public has also been asked to avoid taking photos of police and posting them on social media, as to refrain from putting their safety in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Azusa PD has asked residents to report any suspicious activity to 911.

No details have been provided about the suspect or what they are wanted for.

Update: The incident has been transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau according to a post from the Azusa PD.