A degree doesn’t guarantee

By Clarion Editorial Board

Internships are becoming increasingly important for students. They are a golden opportunity to showcase your talents and education.

However, do not expect them to be easy. In fact most will require long hours of work with little or no pay.
Nevertheless, internships offer many benefits besides experience.

An internship can also help you decide if a certain major or career is right for you. It is better to find this out early on in your education to help steer you in the right career path.

Some university programs are requiring their students to intern in order to expose them to real work experience before they graduate.

But if you are offered an unpaid internship, do not stay at the same one longer than a semester.

Young college students expect to get good jobs after graduation as a reward for all of the hard work and investment put into their education. However, according to a new research by the Federal Bank of New York, young graduates are more likely to end up working jobs that do not require a degree, are part-time and offer little pay.

Graduating from college no longer ensures a job.

Because of the surplus of graduates and a short supply of jobs that require a degree, many college graduates will not get the opportunity to work their way up the career ladder to their dream job.

This recent study should serve as a warning to every college student. In this competitive job market, we have to start building a career while in college.

According to a 2013 survey by the National Associations of Colleges and Employers, employers made full time offers to 56.5 percent of their interns.

While the internship will not guarantee a job with the employer, one will still have the experience to find another job.

During an internship, one will have to show commitment, professionalism and interest by asking questions and volunteering for assignments.

They also expand one’s network by meeting industry leaders and other fellow interns.

Internships are not handed out to just anybody. One must build a network and gain connections during college, which will serve as references for resumes, internships and jobs.

Don’t be a stranger to your professors; ask them for career advice. They can end up being a great reference for an internship or job opportunity.

Maintain a high GPA and challenge yourself by being part of the honors program and the STEM Academy. Being a part of these programs will make you stand out, give you priority admission to certain universities and can also offer scholarship benefits.

Interning is not a waste of time. They will help you gain experience out of the classroom and will help you discover your passions and strengths. Most importantly, they will build your resume, which will help position yourself for future employment opportunities.

It is not enough to have a college degree or a good GPA. Employers are now looking for specific skill sets and experience that will separate you from your peers. To be competitive and stand out, students need to get involved in an internship.