Life in the bike lane

By Joe Moreno | Staff Writer

A trip to the trails is an opportunity for adventurous individuals to find the necessary mental change of pace among the increasing demands of the working world.

The hustle and bustle of the greater Los Angeles area can often disconnect local residents from the peaceful nature and beauty of the surrounding areas.

Weekend explorers need not travel far in order to engage in outdoor excursions beyond the boundaries of their cities and neighborhoods.

With finals around the corner and summer quickly approaching, a well-deserved break is in order.

The foothills and canyons leading north into the San Gabriel Mountains provide many easily accessible hiking trails for those seeking adventure.

The eastern San Gabriel Valley is also home to a variety of interconnecting bike paths that allow riders to travel long distances with minimal traffic interference.

Fitness enthusiasts find the local trails and pathways to be ideal locations to break free from the tedious monotony of a treadmill or an average jog around the block.

Many of the area’s trails and pathways are free to use. However, adventure passes may be necessary to park in designated areas of the Angeles National Forest.

According to the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association website, adventure passes cost $5 for day and are also offered at $30 for a year.

The local community is encouraged to use the trails, but must also be mindful of keeping the trails clean for future generations.

The US Forest Service recently closed 1,650 acres of the popular Cucamonga Canyon above Alta Loma because of fire dangers. The Forest Service also recognized the incredible amount of damage caused by increased use. The canyon was widely known for the Sapphire Falls, and the trail leading up to the waterfalls was filled with trash and graffiti.

You do not have to be a seasoned expert to conquer some of the more popular trails in Citrus’ backyard.

Whether you need a change of scenery in your cardio routine or just a breath of fresh air, these trails were picked for their accessibility and notable scenery.


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