Welcome incoming students: A message from the ASCC President

Hello and welcome to Citrus.

For me, after a summer of relaxation, gearing up for the fall semester always feels like the beginning of a new adventure in my educational career, as I’m sure it is for you.

Whether taking classes as an incoming freshman or revising a student educational plan, the best part of returning to campus is the satisfaction that comes with challenging yourself to meet your goals and your aspirations with each and every new season.

Balancing work, study time and family life can be a perfect way to excel in areas you never dreamed possible or wholeheartedly pursued since the launch of your higher educational path. I am very pleased to welcome all of you back to Citrus. Take advantage of what Citrus has to offer to complete your studies and make observations both as students and as peoples of a growing society.

This is the time to push ourselves toward something greater like earning that degree, or simply enriching our lives. See what is out there.

Get involved with student clubs and organizations. There are plenty of diverse groups here on campus. Through the Associated Students of Citrus College, you can find new ways to get involved and participate.

This semester ASCC has planned a schedule of events such as our much anticipated centennial celebrations, as well as Diversity Week, homecoming, TED Talk Thursdays, and other campus activities.

The ASCC Executive Board will also be involved with the shared governance process which allows students to voice their concerns and provides an opportunity to work with faculty and administrators taking part in the college’s decision-making processes.

ASCC student representatives participate at all committee meetings where decisions regarding the future of the college take place.

With all of the opportunities for learning in our upcoming class schedule, you can engage in the many events taking place in the fall.

Throughout the month of September you will find World Suicide Prevention Day, Club Rush, Constitution Day, Diversity Week, Keynote Speakers, and our 16th Annual Volunteer Fair, just to mention a few.

At the Campus Center during the month of October you can get involved with TED Talks such as “A 30-Year History into the Future” and “The Power of Introverts.” Come on out and party at our “Centennial Homecoming Week” too.

Furthermore, in November you can run for office or learn more about the ASCC executive board during the “ASCC Candidate’s Forum,” or take part in the “Saluting Our Veterans” event. We will honor Native American History month with a speaker and a TED Talk “America’s Native Prisoners of War.” You and your classmates can also help support our campus’ less fortunate through our annual “Thanks for Giving” food drive.

I encourage you all to take part in what Citrus College has to offer. Get involved and volunteer on our Campus Activities Board, exercise your right to vote, and make your voices heard. Student Government officers are here to help you.

The Student Government Office is located inside the Campus Center.

Stop in and take a look or feel free to ask questions about upcoming events at the college. One hundred years in the making and Citrus College remains one of the best educational places all of us can relate to while preparing our way for the future.

Good luck this semester, strive to complete your goals, and don’t give up! I wish you the best semester yet.

Manuel J. Ramirez
ASCC President