Letter from the editor

By Cameron Wisdom | Editor in Chief

Just in case you haven’t heard, Citrus is celebrating its centennial anniversary this school year. Join the kickoff party Oct. 11 during homecoming.

The college is commemorating 100 years of paving the scholarly pathways for several hundred thousands of students over its 100 year history to support the educational foundation that the rest of their adult lives were built upon.

As community college students, we often find ourselves thinking ahead to the next levels: four-year institutions with prestigous reputations.

However, every Citrus alum shares a common denominator whether he or she went off to a state college, private institution, trade school, or directly into the workforce, and that is they all started their higher education journey at Citrus.

No matter where we go, how successful we may become, or what we accomplish it all begins right here at Citrus College.

There is something to be said for that; there is a certain beauty about the demographic makeup of  our student body.

We are as diverse as they come.

We represent any and all backgrounds and many rungs on the social economic ladder.

The communities we hail from and the one we have built on campus reflect the “melting pot” quality that makes America the benchmark country of the world.

We do not simply coexist in the same classrooms and work areas.

We thrive on blending our unique individual qualities in the effort to cultivate a more socially rich community.  Citrus is, because we are.

The centennial celebration is not a bunch of hoopla or an excuse to bring everyone together for an all-class reunion.

This anniversary is a milestone achievement for a school that witnessed two world wars, dynamic cultural shifts including the civil rights movement, the first moon landing, 17 presidential administrations, the birth of the technological age and so much more.

The Citrus College Foundation has been working tirelessly to invite all alums, and you can be sure that people from all walks of life will gather for the occasion to show off their school pride.

The fact remains that the celebration would be meaningless without our involvement, as we are the current student body.

I urge you to plan ahead to be at Citrus Stadium for the Oct. 11 ceremonies and truly enjoy yourself while you are there.

Let’s fill the seats at the homecoming football game and let the crowd become a factor while we cheer on the men in orange as they take on Bakersfield College.

Do we really want to let them walk into our house and not let it be known that they are not only facing the Citrus Owls but also the 100 years of history that the Owls represent?

Speaking of history, we are not only celebrating 100 years of hard work and dedication.

We are taking this moment in our school’s history to look ahead to the promise of the future, a future that kicks off with the class of 2015.

Let’s make it unforgettable. See you there…..



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