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Emerging voices speak: Gonzales ‘tells’ all

(Dillon Cooper/Clarion) By Dillon Cooper | Sports Editor The first thoughts that come to mind after rejection are usually “What’s wrong with me?” “Do I need to change myself?” Nathan Gonzales’ screenplay “Somebody Should Tell Him” tackles that tendency as well as the feeling of guilt involved in failed relationships. It’s a tale of unrequited love…


Forum discuss ‘cases of the century’

Panelists Barry McDonald (left) and Angela Sierra (far right) are joined by moderator Dave Milbrandt in discussing the “Cases of the Century.” ASCC hosted the event in celebration of Constitution Day and Citrus’ 100th anniversary. (Katie Jolgren/Clarion) By Katie Jolgren | Staff Writer Two Constitution rights experts discussed landmark Supreme Court cases in a public forum…


Finding their way through a nostalgic performance

Alumni Faith Carrion, 25, and Ray Barcelo, 25, sing their duet “Fine” from “Ordinary Days” in the cabaret show titled “A Way Back to Then.” The performance highlighted their experiences during their tenure at Citrus College. (Pat Cordova/Clarion) By Danielle Carlson | Staff Writer A special alumni concert “A Way Back to Then” was performed…