Starting to beat the heat

By Danielle Carlson | Staff Writer

The summer weather is ending with a bang.

All over Los Angeles County, heat records have been shattered. Laguna Beach, usually cool in times of heat, broke it’s 1928 heat record of 87 degrees with a two degree increase to 89 last Sunday.

In Glendora the temperature has been consistently staying in the triple digits, which is 10 to 18 degrees above the average of 89 degrees for this time of year.

Along with the temperature, the air-conditioning use has increased immensely.

According to Los Angeles County’s Department of Work and Pensions, the energy demand record was broken last Tuesday with electrical usage reaching 6,400 megawatts.

This extreme amount of energy consumption has caused blackouts in cities most affected by the heat wave.

Citrus experienced its own power outage when the ED building lost electricity last Sept. 16.

Fortunately, this smoldering heat has come to an end, with temperatures expected to drop 10 degrees  this week