Transfer fair gives students plenty to ponder

Seshmila Jayawardana, music major, discusses her transfer options with a representative from UCLA during the College Fair Oct. 16. Representatives from Cal State Fullerton, Cal Poly Pomona and Arizona State University were also available to answer questions for students. (Vanessa Maldonado/Clarion)

By Vanessa Maldonado | Staff Writer

The Transfer Center offered students the opportunity to ask critical questions of representatives from a wide variety of universities at the College Transfer Fair event on Oct. 16.

During this time of year, students need to know the resources available to them in order to successfully transfer to a four-year university. 

“Be honest and genuine in the transfer applications,” said Raul Sanchez, career and transfer counselor. His guidance, along with  many other counselors in the students’ educational journey, is crucial before transferring to a four-year university. 

The Transfer Center welcomed more than 40 state, private and out-of-state universities including California State University Fullerton, UC Berkeley, Arizona State University and University of Southern California. Representatives were happy to answer questions from students. Brochures, banners and pens were also up for grabs for students to remember. 

After speaking to a representative of Arizona State University, Erick Rodriguez immediately applied online and submitted his application for a biochemical engineering major. 

 “They have a really good science department,” Rodriguez said. “I’ve been to Phoenix before, I like the area and I do want to apply and get to their honors program.”

Selecting a college can be difficult for most students, Rodriguez said. He said he chose ASU based on its specialized programs, as well as the fun atmosphere surrounding the city. 

Grand Canyon University offers a state-of-the-art tour for aspiring students, offering hotel accommodations,  food and dining to tour the campus for a weekend. 

Many schools look for an ideal GPA from applicants, but it also depends on the major to which the student has applied. A minimum of a 2.0 or higher is required, but it is important that students understand that universities seek students who are also active in extracurricular activities.

“Throughout the entire application process students have to do well in their classes,” Sanchez said. “The fun is just beginning when the application gets submitted. Performance in the classroom is critical.” 

 Sanchez said that this crucial opportunity for students can be difficult when approaching representatives.  

As a means to encourage students to speak to universities, Sanchez created a questionnaire that poses questions for applicants to consider. For example, what scholarships and financial aid are available? What are the requirements in your certain major to transfer? What is the minimum GPA acceptable in your major? 

Darlene Buxton a representative from Cal State Los Angeles, said that students must carefully read all the information that is given in the college website as well as the college portal available to students. 

“Our main source of information to our students is through email,” Buxton said. 

Along with the College Transfer Fair, the Transfer Center provides workshops for students who may be confused in the application process and have further questions about transferring. The Transfer Center meetings take place Monday and Tuesday. Further information can be found at the Citrus College website. 

The fall deadline is approaching soon. The last day to submit CSU applications at is Nov. 30.