VOTING: Why Owls should give a hoot

As Americans we are blessed to have the right to vote for our leaders and legislation.
It is a right that citizens in other countries fight and die for, yet here we are taking it for granted.
The misguided notion that one vote won’t make a difference plagues the millennial generation and it will continue to do so if we remain sitting idly by while the older generations dictate our future.

The midterm General Election is Nov. 4. It is time to educate ourselves, not just because we are students but because we are Americans.
A 2013 study by the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda found that college-age students discuss and consume political topics less than ever before.
The same study also suggests that the reason for this behavior is because students are feeling disconnected and don’t see the direct influence voting can and will have on their lives.

Proposition 2, which is on the Nov. 4 ballot along with five other initiatives, would establish a rainy day fund so that the state of California can meet its financial obligation to public schools in bad tax revenue years.

For those of you who are not economics majors, that description probably made little to no sense. But here is why Prop 2 should matter to you.
Current state law requires that local school districts maintain a reserve that is no less than one to five percent of their annual budget depending on the size of their district.

If the new school reserve is funded, courtesy of Prop 2, then these local school districts can reserve a maximum of 10 percent of their annual budgets also depending on the size of their district.

Citrus College already has a reserve fund, but if Prop 2 passes, the balance on that account could not exceed 10 percent of the annual budget.
The purpose of this proposition is to help prevent schools from reserving more money than they are spending on students and staff.

This proposition directly affects Citrus College and yet a majority of the student population has no idea what this proposition could have in store for them.
If you can binge watch a whole series on Netflix and cast your vote for the next American Idol, then you can spare an hour researching the issues and candidates on the Nov. 4 ballot. We are the future of this country and we need to grab hold of that power.
Go out and vote or live with the consequences of your inaction.


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