Cosmetology club presents a hairy Halloween

Cosmetology students Octavio Rosales, 20, and Lauren Chavira, 20, apply makeup and style hair on Stephanie Urbina, 22, in preparation for the Cosmetology Club’s annual Halloween hair show. The competition is Oct. 30 in the Campus Center at 6 p.m. (Careesa Campbell/Clarion)

By Careesa Campbell | News Editor

Halloween will come to life above and beyond dressing up in the typical costume when the Cosmetology Club presents its annual Halloween Hair Show Oct. 30 in the Campus Center.

Sabrina Goettker, president of the Cosmetology Club, said the students have been preparing for this competition since last year’s ended. In recent weeks, they have really buckled down.

Student stylists can choose from one of four categories: horror, fantasy, animals and characters, which Goettker said are a new addition to this year’s hair show so there would be a wider variety of costumes without repetition.

Stylist Laurel Guaderrama, 23, said the haunted tree from Sleepy Hollow inspired her idea for the 2014 competition.

Guaderrama’s model Jessyka Pairman, 20, said she is looking forward to getting her hair and makeup done from head to toe.

“The gnarls and knots down the tree will cover her body,” Guaderrama said. “Her whole body is going to be painted.”

Guaderrama, who has participated in three Cosmetology Club hair shows, said that time management has been the most challenging aspect in the competitions.

“Four hours sounds like a lot of time, but it’s not,” she said. “Things mess up and things go wrong, so if you can get it done, obviously the quicker the better.”

Three club alumni, all of whom own salons, will be judging the students based on five criteria: the model’s hair, makeup, nails, attention to detail and creativity.

Student stylists Octavio Rosales, 20, and Lauren Chavira, 20, said their plan is to recreate movie character Alex DeLarge of the sci-fi thriller Clockwork Orange is whimsical, creative and glamorous.

“I saw the movie and thought it was crazy how the main character was brave enough to wear false lashes,” Chavira said. “It really inspired me to try to recreate that but obviously step it up 100 times to make it more dramatic. We want to make [our model] stand out. We want her to be the center of attention.”

Chavira said the best part of the competition is the day the students present their work to an audience because there is a lot of positive energy.

“Everybody is helping each other out and encouraging each other,” Chavira said.

Approximately 100 students are expected to participate in the hair show.

“It shows more of the creative side and gets everybody excited,” she said. “They can really challenge themselves and see their work presented in front of an audience.”

The competition begins at 6 p.m. Oct. 30 in the Campus Center. Tickets may be purchased for $5 at the door.