Editorial: Gender inclusive restrooms are a smart move for campus

The transgender community should not feel intimidated or unsafe when they think of using the restroom and that is why Citrus needs to increase the number of gender-inclusive facilities.

A survey conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Network found that 82 percent of transgender students felt unsafe at school.

The Associated Students of Citrus College Executive Board is attempting to adopt a resolution to officialize their support to increase the number of “gender-inclusive” restrooms, restrooms that will be available to use for anyone.

Citrus currently has four restrooms located on campus that are designated as gender-inclusive. However, none of them are located within academic buildings, near classes.  That needs to change.

Transgender students all have the right to feel safe while using a restroom, which is why ASCC needs to adopt this resolution as it heads to the Physical Resources Committee.

When students at Citrus feel unsafe or unwelcomed, their chance of success or staying in school dramatically drops.  We cannot let our peers fail because of depriving them of a fundamental right.

While these restrooms will provide a haven for the transgender community, they will also benefit the estimated 1,200 students with disabilities on campus.

These restrooms will allow students who live with disabilities to have their assistant enter if their assistant is of different gender.

For example, if a student with impaired vision needs an assistant to help them around campus and they are of a different gender, the assistant will be able to help the student in the bathroom if they require it.

With Citrus College taking pride in being a “college of completion”, Citrus needs to do its best to ensure every single student, along with adjunct and full-time faculty member feel safe at all times.

Using the restroom should not be a worry on anyone’s mind and these restrooms will help ease the fear and keep these students focused on school and their studies. 

With a plethora of schools all over the country, including the entire UC system, adapting and already ahead-of-the-curve by hosting these restrooms for their students, it’s about time Citrus adds their name to the list.

In a community where the suicide rates are staggering, we need to do whatever we can to protect our students and make them feel safe.

Transgender people are apart of a community trying to thrive when a portion of the world does not want them to.

It’s time to be on the right side of history and apart of this movement, a movement to help protect our brothers, sisters and siblings.

Citrus College needs to continue to do its part.  These restrooms are the next step.

The transgender community and people living with disabilities need these restrooms. The educational experience of your peers is at risk without them.