‘Smashing’ the competition

There was ‘No Contest’ at the “Super Smash Bros.” Project M tournament for first place winning Citrus student Eric Bergh.

The Gamers Guild hosted the Project M tournament on May 19 to raise money for the Gamers Guild with a $4 entry fee.

“It feels pretty good to get first,” said Bergh, who had not participated in a tournament in  about a year and a half.

David Gonzalez, psychology major, placed second to Bergh after being tied on their fourth match.

“I fell off the map twice in the fifth match,” Gonzalez said. “I got into my head a little bit.”

Gonzalez came into the tournament with plenty of confidence that he would win first place and was certain of victory three rounds into the finals.

Beginning rounds were settled by best two-out-of-three odds while semi-finals and finals were settled with best three-out-of-five.

Club members and students were gathered around the two finalists eagerly awaiting the results of who would take the tournament.

“It was really exhilarating,” said Bergh. “We were really evenly matched.”

Both players used the character Fox in the final round.

Art major Eric Perez came in third after playing this version of  “Super Smash Bros.” for only two weeks.

The first place winner won a $20 gift card to GameStop, second place winner won a $10 gift card and  third won a $5 giftcard.

With a varying range of skill set in the tournament and 24 participants the tournament stretched for almost four hours.

Chris Budzak, the Gamers Guild president, participated in the tournament but was knocked out right before the semi-finals.

The Gamers Guild hosts video game tournaments every year and after a vote decided on “Super Smash Bros.” Project M.

This version of “Super Smash Bros.” is different than the more widely-known “Super Smash Bros.” Brawl.

The Project M version is a modifcation of the Brawl version and was created by a community group known as Project M Development Team.

“This is a game that people are fans of and have a passion for,” Budzak said.

This year’s tournament brought in enough proceeds to cover last year’s tournament as well as this years’.

The Gamers Guild meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in LS-115. They host a wide variety of game tournaments throughout the year.



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