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Outta’ here: A look into academic probation

At least 482 full-time students are subject to dismissal if they have not improved their GPAs by the conclusion of spring 2015. According to Lucinda Over, Ed.D., dean of counseling at Citrus College, in February 2015, 482 students received an e-memo informing them that they are in danger of dismissal, placing them on academic probation….


Retiring music professor prepares for changes

Changes. This is the word jazz musicians say to one another when they want to engage in an impromptu jam session. After 18 years of service at Citrus College, professor of music Alexander Galvan is making a career change. On June 14, at the end of the 2015 spring semester, his full time faculty status…


Metal on the ‘ryse’

Metal Alliance president Raiden Ikeda (left) performs with his band Exalted during the “Rise of the Tyrants” concert in the Campus Center on May 22. (Evan Solano/Clarion) It may just be noise to you, but for music performance major Raiden Ikeda, metal means more than loud guitars and guttural vocals. As he puts it, discovering…


Celebrating a century: Happy Birthday Citrus

Happy Birthday Citrus College! Our college turns 100 years old this school year, and students and faculty, past and present, have shaped our 100-year history and have all played an essential role in making our school into the institution that we know and love today. We are all apart of a historic landmark year. And…

Showcase brings the ‘world to an end’

From the student writers, directors, and actors of Citrus College comes a play that takes a new spin on the apocalypse: “Scenes From the End of The World”, being performed June 3rd at 5pm in the Little Theatre. Unlike the Fall student showcase, “Emerging American Voices”, where professors handle the directing of student works, this…


Make way for Anime

As one of the oldest clubs at Citrus College, Anime Connection transformed the Campus Center into an anime convention on May 28, by sharing anime’s universal subgenres contained in art drawings, J-pop and J-rock (Japanese) music, and costumes with open the college community. “Anime is universal to unite everyone from all walks of life to…


Adjusting life to meet success

Acquiring a degree in higher education can often be a challenge for students for several reasons; possible struggles students may face including having to move out of one’s childhood home, finding a way to pay for classes or having to balance school life with employment. For close to 650 students on the Citrus College campus,…


‘Book of Days’ whips up suspense

Written by Lanford Wilson and directed in Citrus College’s Little Theatre by Cherie Brown, the two act murder mystery “Book of Days” packs an engrossing and quirky punch to the spring theater lineup. This play is a whirlwind–– literally. There is a really cool tornado scene in the first act. Set in Dublin, Missouri during…