Men’s soccer wins against Glendale

Citrus College defeated Glendale 2-1 in a men’s soccer match on Friday afternoon at Citrus College.

It took three shots and two blocks for Antonio Perez to score the final goal.

After being left behind by a point, Glendale started playing defensively.

They did not seem satisfied with the calls that were being made.

“I think there was some significant foul play going both ways and so unfortunately a team that can’t keep its head isn’t going to get out of the game when a lot of hard play is going on,” said Glendale’s head coach Laura Matsumoto.

There were a total of 5 yellow cards and 14 fouls made by Glendale.

There was also a total of 4 yellow cards and 12 fouls from Citrus.

The amount of fouls within this match is a lot compared to previous games Citrus has played.

The second goal scored by Antonio Perez from Citrus College was a result of a penalty kick due to a yellow card.

The tension between both teams heated up after that goal.

“You don’t have to get into the little scuffles that they had,” said Citrus captain Trevor Pedraza, “It’s part of the game, it happens. We just have to keep our head up.”

The goal made by Glendale’s player, Erick Trejo, was the shot that kicked off the game.

Although Glendale had more control of the ball and more chances to score, their attempted shots were blocked by the Owl’s goalkeeper.

Before the half time point, Citrus and Glendale kept the ball circulating but failed to score.

This win is an encouragement to the team who has had a difficult season.

“Hopefully we can create some momentum from this and keep going forward,” said Citrus goalkeeper Antonio Tomatani.