Talented dogs visited the Haugh Performing Arts Center on Nov. 14 with amazing stunts that left everyone with full of joy.

Chris Perondi’s “Dog Stunt” experience was one of a kind for all ages with amazing air stunts and comedic antics and more.  

The show featured 13 rescue dogs with incredible talents.

The stunt show had more than five separate challenges that made up the “Golden Bone Showdown” and tested each dog’s intelligence, speed, accuracy and leaping abilities.

The dogs were split up into a blue star and the red star team to compete.

This show brought out kids of all ages.

It was very exciting to see the celebrity dogs that starred on the “Ellen Degeneres”, the “Tonight Show” David Letterman, “Oprah Winfrey”, the “Animal Planet” and many famous commercials and new programs.

In one of the games kids had chance to participate in contests with dogs. Three kids volunteered to be on stage. They were given a doggie and was told to act like a dog in the game.

Kids loved being turned into stunt dogs and take a part in a doggy trivia. It was lovely to watch them act like a dog shaking their tails.

Flashy Ferrari, cattle dog mix, jumped over three kids to catch the aerobic Superdisc demonstrating his flying disc ability.

Diggy the Dog, human mascot, made the show more fun, he danced and shock his tail like a dog with the kids.  

Dancing routines, obstacle courses, and rope jumping competitions were great as was the Frisbee catching freestyle flying disc routines by choreographed dogs.

These stars can soar, jump, dance and even fly to catch the discs. Two dogs jumped rope at the same time, and Ferrari was jumping with his only two legs stood up.

One of the best dogs was Ferrari with the highest energy and had the excellent performance, especially his jumping abilities.

It was very impressing to watch him catching a ball. He did outstanding by catching all the five balls from a very long distance on the stage missing only one.

Super Sonic, mix breed, was the most beautiful and friendly dog out of 13 dogs.

He proved to be the fastest in the obstacle course, the highest jumper in catching the discs was everyone’s favorite.

During 20 minutes intermission, there was an opportunity to talk to Perondi and the team about adopting a dog as well as ways to train dogs to perform amazing tricks.  

Another highlight of the show was when Perondi and the dogs performed air stunts and danced with the glowing outfit in the dark.

Perondi, “The Stunt Guy”, and the professional dog trainer from the team, Abby Cline, demonstrated the basics of training the dogs.

It was very educational and inspirational for many to teach their dogs stunts.  

The team showed that dogs need to be trained with simple discs or balls at fist to master catching and tricks.

Seeing two dogs covering their face, crawl like they were doing the “Moon walk” and hugging a teddy bear was the sweetest and touching part of the show.

The blue team showed the best results with Blue Streaks, border collie, help and received the “Golden Bone Showdown.” With these most energetic competition the dogs proved that each of them is a winner.

Perondi and his team promoted responsible pet ownership, pet adoption, spay and neutering and encouraged everyone to spend more time with their pets.

There was an opportunity to take pictures with some stars of the show at the end.

These outstanding dogs demonstrated that they can be trained and learn any trick with guidance of their owners.   

If you are a dog lover then this show is for you. These high energy of rescued dogs will touch your heart and put a smile on your face.