Editorial: Keep your cellphone out of the classroom

Technology is advancing every day and students are keeping up with it while some professors completely stay away from it.

However, some technology should stay out of the classroom.

Smart phones are an excellent source in terms of education because instead of carrying around a bunch of textbooks, you can have multiple textbooks downloaded on your phone. That’s only the beginning of what smart phones are capable of.

Despite this, smartphones could be used to cheat during quizzes or exams.

This is one of the reasons why some professors completely stay away from the idea of having phones in class.

Apple has come out with a watch that is basically a smart phone attached to your wrist.

This is a professor’s potential worst nightmare due to the potential of students using their watches or smart phones to go on the Internet and cheat.

Most students have too much to lose to risk being expelled for something as petty as cheating.

Smart phones are an excellent way to keep up with assignments and lectures by being able to access Blackboard and WingSpan whenever you want, even during class.

For some majors, such as communication, you need certain tools to complete assignments. Journalist need voice recorders, cameras and notebooks. Rather than carrying around all these tools, plus your textbooks, all of these tools come standard in phones these days.

For classes and professors that do allow their students to use their phones for educational purposes, it makes it much easier and simpler to stay connected with the class, professor and other students.

For the students, please do not abuse your right to use technology throughout your courses and lectures.

Respect the decision of different professors to allow or not allow cellphones in thei


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