Voices of Citrus


Marielle Villa Flor copy

Marielle Villa Flor – 19- Philosophy -Glendora

“Wow! That is a tough one, but I would say Wonder Woman, because Girl Power! Haha I mean she embodies woman empowerment”

Kike Acosta copy

Kike Acosta – 19 – Criminal Justice – Duarte
“Does Optimus Prime count? Yes, Optimus Prime! Because he can come back from the dead and he has shown me to never give up and always have hope”

Daniel Marks copy

Daniel Marks – 20 – Criminal Justice – Glendora
“Hmm at first I want to say Keith Richards because in the DC Universe he never dies, but wait no can I change it? Because my real favorite superhero is Booster Gold, because he is really sarcastic.”

Anais Rodriguez copy

Anais Rodriguez – 19 – Political Science – Covina
“Superman! Because Christopher Reeve was the first Superman and he is so handsome”

Andrew Marc copy

Andrew Marc – 22 – Political Science – Glendora

“Superman no doubt about it, He comes from humble roots! There is no one in comparison”


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