Take a ride down the Gold Line: Irwindale

Since the completion of the new Metro Gold Line in February, students have had access to eight new stops along the way to Los Angeles.

The Irwindale stop takes around 5 minutes to get to starting at the Azusa Pacific University and Citrus College stop.

Unfortunately, even though access to Irwindale is a lot easier, there is nothing to do at the station itself.

Unlike other stations, there are no shops or restaurants within walking distance. To go anywhere from the station requires a car or bike.

There are, however,  still entertainment options available at this stop for anyone willing to take the extra steps.

The Irwindale Park is around a 30 minute walk from the station which is a good place to go with the family. The park has a community pool, a baseball field, a basketball court and a jungle gym for younger children.

Irwindale Library is in the same area as the park, giving students access to even more resources for school work.

Fast food restaurants such as Jack in the Box, Subway, and Trendy Thai  are a five-minute walk from Irwindale Park.

Directly across the street from Irwindale Park is Irwindale Skate Park which is good news for skaters because the new stop gives them better access to the very limited amount of skate parks in the San Gabriel Valley.

Another location to visit in Irwindale is Santa Fe Dam, which is about a 15 minute Uber drive from the Gold Line station.

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire goes on every weekend from April to May at the Santa Fe Dam. For $28.95 a day, the faire features jousting, numerous plays and copious amounts of beer, music and dancing.

Santa Fe Dam is also a great place to unwind. The lake is the main attraction. There are walking and biking trails and boat rentals year-round but there is more to do in the summer. In the summer, the swim beach and water play area are open to visitors.

Access to the water costs $2 a person, but enjoying the view can be relaxing enough and is free of cost.

Another notable location accessible off the stop is the Irwindale Speedway where, for $15 you can watch cars race around the track.

Driving a car to practice racing is also an option and costs anywhere from $139 to $1,895. The cost depends on the level of instruction.

The higher the cost, the more thorough the level of instruction.

For any sentimental sports fans, the Irwindale spot features a small piece of history as well.

A giant hole was left in the ground off the side of the freeway when plans to build a Raider stadium in Irwindale fell through in 1990. Though ‘Raider Crater’ is not on the map, it is a part of Irwindale history.

The extension of the Gold Line gives access to several cities, cutting driving time in half or even more. Instead of paying for gas, it saves money and time to pay the $1.75 fare on the Metro Gold Line to explore what Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley have to offer.