Review: Afters Ice Cream – The Mediocre Milky Bun

When Afters Ice Cream opened up in West Covina in March, over 550 people liked a tweet announcing its opening.

Despite its hype, the only reason to go to Afters is for their signature milky bun, which isn’t very good but provides the most food for your money.

Their ice cream is just too expensive for being so average.

One scoop of ice cream is $4, but for $6.50 you can either get two scoops of ice cream or the milky bun, a donut cut in half with a few scoops of ice cream between and a choice of one topping.

The combination of the milky bun being heated up before served and the only seating at Afters being two benches outside in the sun makes the bun extremely messy to eat.

Served in a paper sleeve like that of a hot pretzel, there is no place to catch the quickly melting ice cream.

I could easily come back in the evening to avoid the melting, but that’s when the line gets long and I’m not going to wait more than 15 minutes for $7 ice cream and no place to sit.

After finishing the overly-sweet milky bun, I could not help but think about how much money I could have saved by making it myself.

For being so pricey, I expected Afters to supersede expectations of an average ice cream establishment.

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It wasn’t much better than ice cream I could buy from Stater Bros., let alone the ice cream and frozen yogurt places near campus such as Baskin-Robbins, Yogurtland, Rita’s and Cold Stone.

The Afters in West Covina has the same minimalist look as the other locations.

The only colors inside are black and white besides the ice cream.

With half of the walls covered in dark gray bricks, a white wall that says “ICE CREAM” in black letters and a worn brownish-gray floor, Afters provides a dismal environment that you would not expect for an ice cream place.

The addition of decor could cause Afters to go from dull to classy.

Not much can be added if there is no room for tables, but a few plants can provide Afters with the flare that it needs.

The service was pretty decent. When I went on a Saturday afternoon, there was only one employee working.