Accessible Voting Can Prompt Students to Vote

Illustration by Emily Hermosillo.

Since voter turnout rate for the Associated Students of Citrus College elections are always extremely low, we commend ASCC for allowing students to vote online this election cycle.

Voting online at gives every student the opportunity to have their voice heard and make a difference on our campus.

It would allow students to conveniently vote without having to take time out of their schedule.

When signing up for OrgSync, a student is required to pick that they attend Citrus College, but it does not require they use their Citrus email to sign up.

Though online voting would get more students involved in campus affairs, using OrgSync presents a problem: the possibility to create multiple accounts using different email addresses.

The possibility of fraud should cause ASCC to reconsider voting through OrgSync and instead consider voting through a poll on WingSpan, so that everybody gets one vote.

Mt. San Antonio College and Pasadena City College both vote on their online on their school portals.

Voting on our portal, WingSpan, would prevent fraud but it does not solve the perpetuating problem that not all students check their school email.

Many do not know when or where to vote for ASCC in person or that they can even vote online, so the same students would not know they should login to WingSpan either.

Summer and fall term registration begins May 15. Every student has to login to their WingSpan to pick their classes.

Since registration is open until the start of the semester, if possible, ASCC should not only conduct voting through WingSpan, but also consider bumping up the election a week to align more with registration so there is a higher voter turnout.

Before registering for classes, students can cast their vote in a poll.

Voting on WingSpan would be the best way to get more students involved because we cannot expect every student to make one OrgSync account, but we can expect more students to login to WingSpan.

ASCC elections is from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. May 23 and 24.

Written by Sahara Barba and approved by the Clarion Editorial Board.


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