Game of Clubs – The Inter-club Council Joust

When playing the “Game of Clubs,” participating clubs will win… or go home with nothing.

From May 8 to May 11, in the Campus Center Mall, ICC hosted their Council Spring Club Joust.  

Though not as serious as the TV show itself, this semester’s Citrus College Inter-club Council Joust was themed after the iconic “Game of Thrones.”

At the Joust, various members from different clubs on campus competed against each other for club points.

Everyday had a different event including a Chalk Art Contest, Beanbag toss, water balloon contest and a relay race.

The third day even featured a Talent Show for all clubs to perform in.

The joust got off to a late start however, due to a lack of student help and punctuality.

Those who had not joined clubs were able to participate in the events as well.

For the Talent Show, individual people from clubs had to signup ahead of time with either a live audition or a recording.

Monday, May 8

Some of the criteria and themes that the chalk art had to be based on were Game of Thrones, Citrus College, owls, the season of spring, and the club itself.

Club members who participated in the chalk art contest only had two hours to complete the art.

LUSA’s chalk art was an Nazca line inspired owl, with the sun in the background and grasslands in the foreground of the picture.

Anime Connection’s chalk art was a manga styled Daenerys Targaryen, also known as the Queen of the Dragons in the Game of Thrones series. It also included an owl on the top right corner.

Film Club’s chalk art was influenced by the “Imminent Ned” meme, also known as the “Winter is Coming” meme. It included a clapperboard in the front of the picture, and it used the slogan “The Finals are Coming”.

Anthropology Club’s art featured an owl with the full moon behind it.

Math Owls had “2 + 2 =” followed by a happy face emoji.

IFC showcased Earth with a happy face on it, with the words “International Friendship Club” in a banner.

Gamer’s Guild used elements from both Game of Thrones and the video  game series, Kingdom Hearts. It was the iconic throne from Game of Thrones but had hilts from various Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts protruding from the back of the throne.

CBA’s art was heavily influenced by the logo of HBO, the television channel that shows Game of Thrones.

Computer Science Club had a large pink dragon burning down a castle, but with a twist. The dragon was named Windows, after the operating system. The castle, which was a representation of computer parts was named MAC, based on the Apple operating system.

Citrus College Republicans’ art was also a dragon burning down a castle.

While the chalk art contest was underway, the beanbag toss happened as well.

The beanbag toss required people to throw four beanbags into a goal area for points.

The farther a player was from the goal, the more points a player could get, with the max being eight points per beanbag.

If players manage to get the beanbag into the hole, they get full points.

If the beanbag only lands on the goal board, they only get half points.

There was also a custom made “throne” that people could sit on to take pictures at the end of each day.

Tuesday, May 9

Tuesday’s events were the Water Balloon Toss and the Relay Race.

There wasn’t a large turnout of club members, however, the events garnered a lot of attention from bystanders interested in the events.

People who didn’t represent a club still stayed to play in the events.

“Even though there weren’t many club members who came,” said president of the Inter-club Council, Troy Hansberry,“a lot of bystanders ended up playing the games, and that’s what was important.”

Wednesday, May 10

Badminton and Musical Chairs were the featured events for Wednesday.. Originally, Dodgeball was planned, but due to some issues pertaining to equipment, Dodgeball was postponed until Thursday.

Citrus Cosmetology opened up a booth for face painting. People had the choice of either opting into a Game of Thrones themed face paint, or they could request a custom design found online.

Anthropology Club were selling Krispy Kreme donuts for a dollar each. Half of the proceeds from selling the donuts are going to go toward local refugees.

In Badminton, many students played for fun. On occasion, the shuttlecock would get stuck in the low hanging trees near the library.

In comical act of improvisation, some players ended up throwing their own shoes up the trees to get the shuttlecock down.  

Later that day was the Talent Show.

During the talent show, there were a lot of performances, such as singing and dancing.

Citrus Cheer Club performed a routine for the talent show.  

First place went to Olivia Meza and Olivia Garcia, who sang an original piece called “Things You Never Saw”. The two of them form the band called “May 3rd” and are actively promoting their music on Youtube.

Second place went to Justin Castro, Grace Goodrich, Emily Bennion and Matthew Ronquillo representing Swing Club for their dance performance. They danced to a remix of “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor and “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

Third place went to Thomas Galapin for stand up comedy. He mentioned funny moments while working at the Renaissance Faire.

Thursday, May 11

On Thursday, ICC brought back old events such as the Beanbag Toss and Badminton.

Around this time, the events quieted down and a few people remained to play Badminton.

Majority of the people who stayed and played the games were from the Gamer’s Guild, with the exception of one LUSA member and the Vice-President of the Inter Club Council, Destiny Dominguez.



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