Opinion: Resilience, the power of ‘I will overcome’

Illustration by Emily Hermosillo / Clarion

As a person who has to deal with a chronic illness, sometimes finding motivation to continue with treatment is not simple.

My illness came from an eating disorder I previously had. Once I knew what I was experiencing and why, it became a period of pondering and self-reflection.

There have been times I would relapse, but ultimately maintain my composure and face my struggles.

I knew that if I gave up it would not be worth all the trouble endured to get as far as I did. I had the resilience that allowed me to get back up whenever I fell.

This sense of resilience is needed to face obstacles and avoid giving up easily. It seems obvious to say, but for some it is not that easy.

However, resilience is not about being indestructible. The American Psychology Association defines resilience as “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress.”

For example, I have personally developed an attitude that helps me come back to try something again and again, no matter how far back I have gone.

I believe I can achievement success because my career goals have given me purpose in life. I will not let my dream go.

I spend my time thinking about my future, my goals and my achievements. I give myself compliments every time I do something that makes me proud. The positivity builds up and reminds me I have a lot more to give.

I remember being told that I would not graduate from college. My school counselor literally took me out of class to tell me those words.

At that time I was having trouble with my mental illness, but I overcame my obstacles and managed to graduate from high school then attend college. That did not stop me from wanting to improve.

The time that you have while being mentally ill can be spent being positive or setting goals for a more positive future or you can spend the bad times not being resilient enough to pick yourself back up.

People will always be met with challenges, however building a strong sense of personal resilience will help people get closer to their academic and career goals.



Adriana Aguilar was once a student from Azusa High School and graduated from Adult Ed School. She loves coffee and the song M83 MIDNIGHT CITY. Someday, Adriana wishes to become a Public Relations specialist for Mental Health Organizations.

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