Tutoring center location becomes more accessible

 All tutoring is in the ED building. The STEM Center is on one side, and the Math Center and Learning Center are on the other side.

Dr. Marianne Smith, Director of the Institute for Completion, said, “Grant funding went away for the Math and STEM programs which is normal. It happens.”

More classes were being added and they needed to make room for those new classes.

A collection of faculty looked at data from the Institutional Research and found that they were duplicating services and ultimately students did not know where to go for help.

Smith said, “Big signs are not allowed to promote things on our buildings.”

Big signs are not allowed on buildings because Citrus hasn’t figured out a safe way to display them. An accident could happen where one falls on a student.

Brenda Chavez, nursing and anthropology major who is also an English tutor, said, “There have been times where a student walks into our Open Writing Lab, and is confused about where to sit or what to do.”

The tutors are no hesitant to help the students figure out if they are in the right place or where they need to be.

This led to the grand plan to move all tutoring into the same building.

This decision is current but could very well be changed in the future as the ED building will be getting a remodel in the next two years.

Most recently, all math and science tutoring is combined in the Math Success Center and the STEM Center and all other subjects that Citrus offers tutoring in is still located in the Learning Center.

In the Learning Success Center they offer tutoring in accounting, business, history, Spanish, speech, and other writing related subjects.

Subjects vary depending on the dates and times that the schedule provides. The fall 2017 tutoring schedule is available on the Citrus College website under the tutorial services tab. Students can also stop by the Learning Center and pick up a copy.

Samuel Hernandez, Communications major, attends some of the tutoring sessions for different subjects. Hernandez said, “It’s more convenient so it’s honestly a good solution because if you think about it any student could go to one specific place for all tutoring.”

Citrus offers free and unlimited tutoring sessions for all students in the STEM Center, Math Success Center and Learning Center. The only requirement is to bring your student I.D. with you to check-in.

“Statistically it is shown that even if you’re an A or B student, we still highly encourage students to show up for these tutoring sessions because the study groups are great and you can really learn in different ways that maybe you didn’t see before.” Smith said.