Review: Azusa’s Golden Days celebrates city’s history with carnival

The best parts of the Azusa Golden Days carnival had nothing to do with a carnival.

The food, family atmosphere and history of Azusa held more substance than the flashing lights of the overpriced games and rides borrowed from a large county fair.

The carnival kicked off a three-day celebration of the city’s history from Oct. 13 to 15 at Memorial Park in Azusa.

Entrance was free, but the only free activity was at the Azusa Historical Society booth where children could pan for gold in a plastic container.

For a local carnival with only a handful of game booths and about 10 rides, it was relatively expensive. Each ride and booth cost about $5 to interact.

Children try panning for gold at the Azusa Historic Society booth at the Azusa Golden Days carnival on Oct. 13 at Memorial Park. The activity was free for children to participate. Photo by Emily Hermosillo / Clarion


The same, or similar, stuffed animals and Pokemon were being used as prizes at every booth, making playing multiple games redundant.

The rides were typical of a county fair, a small roller coaster and teacup type for children, a few rides that spun and swung riders, and of course a ferris wheel.

Parents and family members came to support the middle school singers that performed while groups of teenagers meandered around.

The groups’ performance were limited by their small and poorly placed stage, but the sound was properly amplified.

Slauson Middle School’s choir performance was just decent, but their attire and colorful masks were cute and fit their jazz theme well.

Stuffed animals, such as “Pokemon” and “South Park” characters, line up as prizes over a row of booths. Photo by Emily Hermosillo / Clarion


While the rides were overbearing and the performances were about as flawed as you expect middle-schoolers’ choreography and singing to be, the food was better than typical fair food.

Quesadillas, tamales, tacos, pizza and other options were more filling and satisfying than funnel cakes and deep fried food.

The food was fresh and warm, but funnel cakes, treats and ice cream were available for dessert.

As an outsider to Azusa, I found it lacking in activities and too expensive to indulge in. However, seeing excited children, proud parents video recording their middle schoolers, and teenagers in clusters with their friends, I understand that this is their community pride.

Rides with bright lights that surround the line of game booths, swinging, dropping and spinning carnival goers on Oct. 13 at Memorial Park. Each ride and booth cost about $5. Photo by Emily Hermosillo / Clarion