Become involved in student media

Erik Adams / Clarion

The award-winning Citrus College student media is undoubtedly the primary force in our connection with the news and culture on campus. Yet many, if not, most, are not taking full advantage of their access to this localized outlet.

Many aren’t even aware of our newspaper, our magazine or the respective social media accounts linked with them.

Students and faculty within the media at Citrus College have made efforts to introduce students to our publications, and it has been successful in making students aware of the work we put into our craft.

Yes, Citrus is a commuter college, and the students here commonly see this campus as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

But consider this: most of us are here for a few years. That’s a while, and there are no other student-run publications dedicated to Citrus College in the entire world.

Within the period of time students are here, it is highly possible and probable that something will happen that significantly affects students.

Our student media strives to keep our campus united and up-to-date when it comes to these possibilities. All the while providing content focusing on the both the successes and the shortcomings of the institution.

Students matter. Our media matters. And the reporting done to ensure the transparency of our establishment matters.

The individuals involved in our publications use passion and eagerness to learn and practice honest journalism. And we strive to improve the integrity of our work every day with strong emphasis on professionalism.

Getting involved in media at Citrus is not something reserved for an elite group of students or faculty. Anyone interested can become a part of the team.

Some start with no experience and no history, but leaders in the department provide guidance for anyone willing to learn and test their potential.

Whether it consists of writing or taking photos for Logos Magazine, or simply picking up the Clarion every other Wednesday to see what’s happening on campus, all participation holds value.

The ability to have work published by a student-run publication can be an inspiring and empowering role. It offers a collective power to our student body, which is frankly unmatched by any other outlet.

We as students should seek to connect with our institution and the figures who operate it.

The responsibility is in our hands.

Our media also connects the experiences of Citrus students with what we see happening in the world outside of academia. It provides a means for addressing the big issues around the world and the ones here on campus, and finding the intersection of the two.

We figure the more linked we are as a campus with the rest of the world and each other, the more opportunities we have to grow as students on our academic path.

Considering this, we need constructive feedback and participation on behalf of our readers. This can be done by writing letters to the editor, or by contacting us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to let us know your ideas, insights and, of course, criticisms. We are always open.

Pick up a copy. Join the team. See what this school is made of.