Review: Citrus Singers bring audience out of their seats

Jacqueline Torres/ Clarion

Audience members were dancing with the Citrus Singers during certain performances throughout the evening. For the whole two hour show the room was filled with all kinds of entertainment.

It was nearly impossible for the audience not to get up and dance as performers would go out through the audience and grab people’s hands and encourage them to get up and let loose during some of the upbeat performances, and they surely did.

The live Broadway performances were sharp and colorful. The Citrus Singers were formally  dressed with each member displaying a different color. The ladies were wearing dresses and the men were wearing black slacks, dress shirts, and ties.

The lighting was colorful and matched each performance well throughout the show. When an upbeat song was being performed the lights would be bright with colors such as yellow or orange. When a sad song was being performed the lights would be blue or purple to  match the mood.

The show was refreshing to see that the lighting was well thought out to communicate to the audience when the performers were singing a happy song or a sad song. The lighting added to the effects and complimented the performances wel.

Some segments included small props such as “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. The singers had displayed printed numbers on their chests to add to the effect that they were in a spelling bee competition.

The performance that was a solid staple for the show was “The Time Warp”. This was one of the songs where the audience was encouraged to sing-a-long and get up out of their seats and do the choreography. The lyrics to each sing-a-long song were handed to audience members at the entrance. Every audience member was either singing along, out of their seats dancing, or clapping to the beat. It was enjoyable.

The Citrus Singers never missed a beat to any of the choreography and remembered the lyrics. The show appeared to be well-practiced and thought out.

The performance that seemed to make the audience laugh the most was a song called “Baptize Me” which was performed by Amaris Griggs and Chris Jauregui. The song was about a girl getting baptized for the first time, but the song had an intentional mixed meaning about what people go through when they are about to lose their virginity for the first time which caused the audience to laugh aloud.

During certain parts throughout the show the host, John Vaughan, would come out on stage and raffle off prizes and auctioned off items in live biddings. Vaughan auctioned off items such as 60 tamales to an audience member who bid $60 and a two hour at-home jazz show to an audience member who bid $275.

The raffles and live auctions had audience members interested and distracted while the Citrus Singers were backstage warming up for their next rounds of performances.

After the last song was performed, “Thank You For The Music”, the full audience left the show with smiles on their faces and seemed to leave everyone in good spirits. A couple items did not sell during the bidding including a free make-up session for up to twenty people, but overall it was a successful show.


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