Many encounter log-in problems with student emails

Students attempting to log into their student email may encounter an error message from Outlook, operated by Microsoft 365.

“That Microsoft account doesn’t exist. Enter a different account or get a new one,” the error message states, meaning the student email account is no longer connected to Citrus College.

Tech support has been in the process of upgrading student accounts, so that Microsoft Office could be downloaded offline for student use.

However, in the process of this, Office 365 was directed to a different server and lost connection to Citrus College.

The issue was first recognized on Nov. 2 when Citrus College technical services discovered a handful of notifications from undelivered emails.

After going into further research, technical services realized a handful of email accounts belong to students were no longer attached to the Citrus College server.

Students can also identify if there is an issue if the time zone cannot be selected on Outlooks sign-in page.

“It’s a bit of an inconvenience,” Jessica Sanchez, English major, said. “Taking the time to go figure out what was going wrong when you have classes or a job to get to. If you add in the anxieties of college apps and schools emailing you for further info, it can get stressful.”

It has been over a week since many emails that have been discovered and retrieved are from students that may no longer attend Citrus College.

“It’s getting resolved,” Robert Hughes, chief information services officer, said. “Tech services is working on it as we speak. It’ll be resolved by the end of the week. We know it’s a huge inconvenience.”

So how can students get a hold of their email again?

Since technical services are only able to identify the emails that have been given an error alert once staff attempts to email them, not all cases have been recognized and solved.

“If a student email is being forwarded, the forwarding will be broken, so that part will need to be redone,” Joyce Miyabe, technical operations support supervisor, said regarding students who may have their school email connected to their personal email.

To identify the issue, students must attempt to login to their Citrus College email.

If students receive an error message, they can go down to the Technical Services building, located south of the Language Building.

From there, a form can be filled out by a staff member at the help desk so the email can be retrieved.

“Contact the help desk, so they’re aware of the situation, so they can get the account resolved as soon as possible,” Hughes said.

All previous emails, including those in sent and drafts, in addition to contacts in the Microsoft Outlook email will remain intact, and eventually these emails will be upgraded to the newer Office 365.



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