Articles by Batool Jaffer


Celebrating an Arab-American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in America is a beautiful holiday. It possesses a good spirit and noble message. Thanksgiving is not a holiday of any particular religion. It is not a Christian or Jewish holiday but has many deeply religious and spiritual meanings. America at Thanksgiving is America at its best. It is unfortunate that like many other…


We learn on the same playing field

Although four-year schools get all the media hype, many high school graduates head right into a two-year institution. People often think that students go to a community college because a four-year school did not accept them or they aren’t driven to succeed. This is wrong. A year or two in community college may be necessary…


Gypsy jazz the perfect soundtrack for stop-motion

It will be a night you won’t want to miss as the Hot Club of San Francisco presents Cinema Vivant on Sept. 18, at the Haugh Performing Arts Center opening for the Gumby Fest. Cinema Vivant features stop-motion animation from Ladislaw Starewicz a European filmmaker considered to be the head of the stop-motion animation movement…