Articles by The Editorial Board


Tax the wealthy: Yes on Proposition 55

A yes vote on Proposition 55 will keep a tax in place on the wealthy to provide funding for public schools. Yes votes for Proposition 55 are imperative this Nov. 8 election because the maintaining of our schools should be of the utmost importance. Proposition 55 was initially passed in 2012 as a tax on…


Say Yes to Tobacco Tax

Editorial Board   The Nov. 8 general election is quickly approaching. The election offers voters the opportunity to the chance to vote on propositions, such as the the $2 tax increase on tobacco.   This tax, Proposition 56, would increase the tax on tobacco and tobacco-related products like e-cigarettes. This would bring the tobacco tax…


Puff, puff, pass Proposition 64

Election Day is Nov. 8 and Citrus students will have an opportunity to vote on many different propositions, especially Proposition 64, the legalization of recreational marijuana use. Proposition 64 deserves a yes vote this Election Day, so get out and go vote. If Proposition 64 passes with enough yes votes it will no longer be…