Articles by Jordyn Perry


Celebrating a century: Happy Birthday Citrus

Happy Birthday Citrus College! Our college turns 100 years old this school year, and students and faculty, past and present, have shaped our 100-year history and have all played an essential role in making our school into the institution that we know and love today. We are all apart of a historic landmark year. And…


Review : Pitch Perfect 2

Jordyn Perry Review : Pitch Perfect 2 When Pitch Perfect was released in 2012, it became an instant hit. Combining the addicting and foot tapping musicals that the covers for the popular hit songs of todays day and age, along with the hilarity that ‘Fat Amy’ along with the rest of the cast brings to…


‘Slow down professor, I can’t see the board’

After reading the article titled “Rearranging the Classroom: Studying seating to Improve Learning,” in issue 5 of the Clarion, I was amazed, I had never considered that the way that a classroom is arranged could affect a student’s learning experience. Then I started thinking about how my experiences are when sitting in a classroom of…