Love, Literature and Lesbians

Before professor Anna Villeneuve’s lesbian romance novels reached the shelves of the Hayden Memorial Library, not much from the genre was present at the library. Villeneuve is an English professor who published her first book, “Take only Pictures,” in 2014 under the pen name Laina, a combination of her and her wife’s first names. She…


Alternatives to the Owl Bookshop

Facebook: The Citrus College Textbook Exchange Students can list and purchase books they have already used. Because it is student-to-student, there is little worry about getting the wrong edition, having the book lost in shipping or even having to pay for extra fees. Students typically sell the books at a lower price than other places….


Buying books without breaking the bank

If you are like many Citrus College students, this semester’s book buying has been put off. According to the National Association of College Stores, the average student will spend approximately $655 on textbooks per year so if you want to save money here are a couple of suggestions. One of the common alternatives to buying…


Bookshop, coffee bar closed today and tomorrow

  We’ve posted several reviews of nearby eateries and coffee spots, so if you need a caffeine fix or a snack to get you through that riveting lecture on the atomic mass of nitrogen, come prepared the next two days. Both the Owl Bookshop and newly added Art and Coffee Bar will be closed until July 3…

“Half the Sky” holds up its half of the bargain

According to a Chinese proverb, women hold up half the sky. “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide”, written by Pulitzer Prize winners Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, argues that women are the greatest untapped resource in the developing world. It also makes the bold argument the maternal health, domestic violence, sex…