Writers With Benefits: Sex Myths

“The sexuality in cultures throughout the world ebb and flow. You had a Roman period, a Greek period, where people were more open. Then you have Christianity. When you get to the Victorian era, you get this prudish kind of idea about sex and you get rumors. How do you spread rumors fast? The Internet…


Editor’s Corner: Making my novel great

The phrase “life is short” has been said for so long, I’m surprised people don’t realize how contradictory a statement that is. Life is long. Life is writing a 30,000 page novel. Once you’re 100 pages away from finishing, you don’t thinking about the blood, sweat, and years you’ve worked on the first 29,900. All…


Thankful for my blessing in disguise

Stupid “positive” sign. What’s so positive about a positive sign when there wasn’t anything positive about it? Honestly, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was sitting alone in an OB/GYN waiting room. My dad was running errands while waiting for me, oblivious to the reason for my appointment. Finally, the doctor…

Why my family came to America

Juan-Carlos Luevano grew up in Zecatecas Mexico, where the job opportunities were scarce and the schools weren’t the best. A married man with seven children, Luevano had hoped for a brighter future for his family. That’s when he decided that moving to the United States would help them succeed. Luevano started off by moving to…


WWB: Today’s assignment: Private Study Session

The vast majority of college students are adults, and though sexual harassment lawsuits and public perception can muddy the ethical waters, there is no provision in the Citrus College administrative policies that forbids an instructor from engaging in a consensual sexual relationship with an adult student. What responsibilities, if any, do consenting adults have when…


Writers With Benefits: Faking it is breaking it

(MCT) Disclaimer: College students have sex. So do professors, coaches and administrators. Knowing this, Clarion editor-in-chief David Tate and opinions editor Melanie Gudino have joined forces to create Writers With Benefits, the newspaper’s first mixed-gender sex column. The topics we will cover may be explicit and/or offensive to some, so we ask that readers proceed…


Editor’s corner: A fun-filled fantasy football day

It’s been a hectic weekend here for your friends at the Clarion. On Friday and Saturday, some of us attended the Journalism Association of Community College’s 2012 conference, hosted at CSU Fullerton. To describe everything we did those two days would require an entirely new column, and frankly, its Sunday and I’m ass-up against deadline….


Veggie Sales: Vegetarians like to eat here too

The Owl Café serves delicious meat lasagna, roasted turkey, macaroni, chicken pot pie, beef casserole and chicken enchiladas on most days. The campus vending machines serve beef soup, pastrami onion rolls and chicken salad on wheat. But where are the choices for vegetarians? The cafe should offer something— anything!—to help satisfy a veggie lover’s appetite…